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Do you know what is lurking in your attic?

If you’re like most homeowners, the attic is the least human occupied room in the house. Its importance however, can’t be overlooked. A well-insulated attic keeps you, your family, and your guests comfortable during times of inclement weather. Additionally, proper insulation is energy efficient and helps keep energy costs down, saving you money. Proper maintenance helps your attic continue to give you a healthy, safe, and enjoyable home.

Reasons why your attic needs attention:

  • Rodents and mice: Once these pesky creatures get into your attic, they can breed and multiply to enormous numbers. They carry harmful bacteria and disease that can be transferred directly or indirectly and leave rodent feces in the attic. Furthermore, they can chew exposed wiring increasing the risk of a house fire.
  • Mold and mildew: Not only can this blight be hazardous to air quality, but it can cause structural damage as well, leading to rapid deterioration of structural members. If overlooked, your safety is compromised.
  • Old and outdated insulation: There’s no question that advances in insulation products has led to better efficiency capabilities. Additionally, insulation may need to be replaced as the result of a rodent infestation or excessive mold and mildew. Learn more about our attic insulation services here
  • Worn out insulation: If you or previous owners used the insulated attic for storage purposes, the weight of the items may have flattened the insulation. Improperly installed insulation is not much better than having no insulation. Therefore, replacement is necessary to obtain insulation’s benefits. More on insulation.
Attic Clean Up Bay Area

Attic Clean Up

The professionals at Attic Star can address your need for the periodic attic tune up. We provide an exhaustive cleaning service using the most modern equipment and efficient methods to ensure that your attic is clean of mold, mildew, rat feces, and other dangers that might be lingering in your attic. We offer pest removal as part of our cleaning services and we can provide Rodent Proofing services too!

attic insulation removal Bay Area

Attic Insulation Removal

If your attic’s insulation is not performing as it should, it needs to be safely removed from your home. Moldy insulation or insulation that has been housing a rodent infestation must be handled professionally in order to avoid contaminating the rest of your home. Attic Star has the experience, expertise and equipment to ensure that your attic insulation is removed properly with no residual damage to your attic. Additionally, we provide decontamination services to thoroughly cleanse any infected areas.

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