What You Should and Should Not Store in Your Attic

There is always the constant struggle to find storage for things around the house. For those with an attic and/or a crawlspace, there’s always the privilege of added space. While this extra storage finds plenty of use, there are situations in which it is blatantly misused. 

Your Trusty Guide to Insulating Old Walls

How to properly install attic insulation to old walls Before you start the process of insulating your walls, make sure you know exactly what to do; you can consult attic installation companies in the Bay Area for help.  Old houses have old copper wires that do not have a protective coating, unlike modern wires. Insulating […]

How to Keep Your Crawlspace Dry in the Winter

Are you worried about how to keep your crawlspace and attic areas dry during the winter period? We’ve simplified attic cleaning with our DIY attic cleaning tips and now we will explain how to keep your spaces dry at all times. It is expected that during the cold season your crawlspace will likely get wet as a […]

How to Keep Your Home Warm Efficiently During the Winter

Winter is beckoning, and you are wondering how you will brace for the cold season without additional electricity costs on your budget. Room heaters are common appliances that a majority of people utilize during the winter to restore warmth in their homes; however, they consume a great deal of electricity, which is why you might […]

The Essence of Keeping a Tidy Attic

If you ask folks about how long it has been since they cleaned their attics, they will look at you with astonishment. They won’t get what you are saying because as far as they are concerned, the attic is not a priority. Their reasoning is that since nobody lives in that little space, then there […]

How to Properly Ventilate Your Attic

The attic is always smaller than your average room and is mostly located in parts of the house with very little aeration, which is why it needs a good level of ventilation. When this space is well-ventilated, then you have at your disposal a safe environment for work and play. An attic that is well-aerated […]

How You Can Soundproof Your Home

Soundproofing can be done to either block noise from your home (noise reception) or prevent it from leaving your home (noise transmission). Noise can be either air-borne, this is when noise travels without interference, or structure-borne, when sound goes through a solid structure in the form of vibrations. Muffling the different sounds takes different approaches. […]

Accounting for Attic Codes and Safety During Attic Renovation

If you have an attic, you probably use it as a basic storage area. However, this simple room can be renovated and expanded to create an extra sense of functionality. You can use this room for different things; kids’ playroom, a study or an office. You can also convert it into a master bedroom by […]

Clean and organize your cluttered attic in these few easy steps

Attic cleaning can be an exhausting task for a lot of people. From wiping off the dust to sorting boxes that were left unopened when you moved in or the ones that found their way there over the years, you have your work cut out for you. There are several benefits of an attic clean up organization; one […]

Green Insulation

Having reliable wall insulation is vital when it comes to energy efficiency in your house. Also, great wall insulation can significantly minimize heating and cooling costs. However, most people fail to understand that most of the insulation methods and materials available on the market are harmful both to the user and the environment. Some can contribute […]

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