Accounting for Attic Codes and Safety During Attic Renovation

If you have an attic, you probably use it as a basic storage area. However, this simple room can be renovated and expanded to create an extra sense of functionality. You can use this room for different things; kids’ playroom, a study or an office. You can also convert it into a master bedroom by […]

Clean and organize your cluttered attic in these few easy steps

Attic cleaning can be an exhausting task for a lot of people. From wiping off the dust to sorting boxes that were left unopened when you moved in or the ones that found their way there over the years, you have your work cut out for you. There are several benefits of an attic clean up organization; one […]

Green Insulation

Having reliable wall insulation is vital when it comes to energy efficiency in your house. Also, great wall insulation can significantly minimize heating and cooling costs. However, most people fail to understand that most of the insulation methods and materials available on the market are harmful both to the user and the environment. Some can contribute […]

4 things you didn’t know are in your crawlspace

Most home owners stay for years on end without going into their crawlspace, mostly because there is nothing interesting to find there. Home owners would rather not go into their crawlspace, because after all you will only find exposed duct work and a lot of dust. However, taking good care of the crawlspace keeps you […]

5 awesome uses for your attic

The attic is a space that holds a lot of potential if we are talking remodeling. A game room is quite the use for that extra attic space. You can have your friends over to watch your favorite sports over the weekend and enjoy some splendid times with the family. You could have board games, […]

Why You Should Clean Your Attic

Most people don’t give their attic spaces a second look when it comes to issues regarding cleaning and maintenance. In fact, this has become such a common trend that most homeowners today experience problems such as foul odors, rodent infestations, and other annoying pests in these particular areas of their home. The good thing is that […]

How Attic Insulation Saves Energy!

It is important to note that air tends to naturally flow from a warm region to a cold one. Therefore, during the winter months, warm air within your home will try to escape into the cooler climate outside, and during the summer period, it will try to make its way inside since the climate will […]

The Perfect Checklist For HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning your HVAC system not only ensures that it performs efficiently, but also prevents it from wearing out fast hence increasing the chances of a longer working period. This is particularly important since wearing out of any working system is inevitable, but regular breakdown can be avoided by ensuring that the unit is […]

10 Summer Maintenance Tips

For a majority of people, there is no better time than summertime when you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and weather. Now that summer is here; you might want to sit back, relax and enjoy your holidays but remember with each change of season comes a new set of home maintenance tasks. From minor […]

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