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Attic Cleaning and Sanitizing

The unhealthy effects a rodent infestation can linger for years. A professional attic cleaning can help you effectively clean up after a rodent infestation by removing contaminated insulation and other harmful materials from your attic

Crawl Space Cleanup

Cleaning up a potentially contaminated crawl space that has been infested by rodents requires experience and proper equipment. We can safely remove dangerous contaminates and disinfect your entire crawl space

Air Vent Cleanup

Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and disease in your home’s air by cleaning your air vents after a rodent infestation. waste left by rodents can linger and mix in with dust to form a potentially dangerous combination for your family

Rodent Proofing

Calling a professional to exterminate your rodent problem is not enough. Rodent proof your home from future infestations to avoid potential health problems down the line for you and your family.

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